In addition to honoring the moon phases especially Full Moon and New Moon, my guides have persistently reminded me the importance of celebrating the change of seasons marked by the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes; and Summer and Winter Solstices. Accordingly, Andy and I try our best to organize spiritual gatherings and workshops on these auspicious days.

Much affected by global warming and other environmental factors, seasonal change is no longer as apparent or distinct these days. I wonder then the rationale for continuing with the age-old spiritual practice of ‘ritualizing’ the change of seasons.

Ascended Master Lady Nada provides her insights, “As with all energy beings, humans are essentially made up of vibrational patterns. By definition, a pattern displays the characteristics of regularity and repetition. Following the universal law of ‘As Within, So Without’, the external world that the humans create thus appears as having patterned cycles, such as the coming and going of seasons. By consciously celebrating these phenomenon, you are in fact embracing. respecting and energising the rhythmic life force that runs through you. Life is a flow of contrasting patterns mirrored by your in- and out-breaths (within) as well as the cyclical seasons you observe (without).”

Many thanks to Lady Nada for this timely reminder.

May this Summer (or Wiinter) Solstice be a celebration of the dance of life for youNamaste! Amara Tia Ann.

[Solstice Workshop June 21-22: Self-Mastery Through Understanding Your Number Patterns. Seats fully booked]

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