When I was approached by the High Councils of Pleiades(P), Sirius(S) and Arcturus(A) star nations to facilitate the Living Your Star Light healing course, they described the accompanying training as a recruitment drive jointly launched by the PSA star trinity. The Councils are inviting channels who feel ready to join a collective force to consciously anchor greater light on Earth, to bring about an accelerated evolution for Earth and humanity. Loving others is loving thyself. Thus, by serving as the PSA conduits and messengers to support the spiritual growth of the others, the initiates are also gifting themselves a golden opportunity to awaken their star lineages, especially with these evolved systems of the 4th, 6th and 7th dimensions respectively.

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Tomorrow we observe the New Moon in Cancer. New moon is the time for planting new seeds which, in time to come, would blossom into newfound connections and experiences. The zodiac sign Cancer – home and family – stimulates and promotes the sense of belonging and the need to protect and nurture others. Hence I find it most apt to be launching this new healing resource in conjunction with the coming new moon.  May it serve to rekindle your heart-felt connection with your soul family in the stars!


About the Product

Responding to several requests for a home study program, the Living Your Star Light Self-Study Kit has been put together using the materials presented during the live workshops. It comprises the following components:

  • Course Book (PDF format)
  • Live recording of the courses conducted in November 2013 and May 2014 (32 audio tracks, 160 minutes in total)
  • Distant energy attunement by Amara Tia Ann
  • One 15-min Q&A online session via Skype with Amara Tia Ann


To know more, go to:

1. Course Program as delivered in the live workshops

2. Product Explanation

3.  Course Book Sample Page : Healing Procedures – Pleiadian Karmic Healing

4. Audio Tracks Index : MP3 Ref

5. Sample Live Recording : Isis Speaks On the Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt Connection


(If you are not seeing the link to the sample audio track, please access it from Product Page.)


Order Information

Price: Singapore Dollars S$66 per set, comprising of all components listed above

Email info@acast.me with the subject heading “Order Living Your Star Light Self Study Kit”


On this New Moon in Cancer, may you seed new dreams and soar high to the Stars! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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