July marks the new year for the ancient Egyptians. Although different sources quoted slightly different dates as the exact New Year’s Day, almost all agree it falls in the month of July which coincides with the annual flooding of the Nile and the heliacal (dawn) rising of the great star Sirius. In some literature, July 17th marks the birthday of Isis – queen of ancient Egypt, great teacher from Sirius and archetypal representation of the Divine Goddess.

For those familiar with the legend of Isis and Osiris, you may find this article “Isis…Sirius…and The Summer Solstice” a useful read. Excerpt: “It was said that when the Nile flooded, Osiris and Isis were making love, and their sexual union fertilized the land. The archaeo-astronomer E.C. Krupp writes: “After disappearing from the night sky for 70 days, Sirius eventually reappears in the dawn, before the Sun comes up. The first time this occurs each year is called the star’s heliacal rising, and on this day Sirius remains visible for only a short time before the sky gets too bright to see it. In ancient Egypt this annual reappearance of Sirius fell close to the summer solstice and coincided with the time of the Nile’s inundation. . . Sirius revives the Nile just as Isis revives Osiris. Her time in hiding from Seth is when Sirius is gone for 70 days from the night sky. Isis gives birth to her son Horus, as Sirius gives birth to the new year, and in the texts Horus and the new year are equated.  Sirius is the vehicle for renewal of life and order. Shining for a moment, one morning in summer, she stimulates the Nile and starts the year”.

A Blessing from Sirius 

* Philae Temple, along River Nile : dedicated to the worship of Goddess Isis

Philae Temple, along River Nile : dedicated to the worship of Goddess Isis

On the night of 25 June this year, while noticing the numerous stars in the cloudless sky (which was actually a rare sight in Singapore), I connected with the world of Sirius and her dwellers, including Isis, the dolphins and the whales. They transmitted what they called The Song of Innocent Joy and asked that I share it in celebration of the Ancient Egypt New Year and the legendary heliacal rising of the great star of Sirius.

To listen:

Song of Innocent Joy

If the audio link does not appear on your email, access it from Sirius Blessing.


EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT : Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course (Melbourne), 4 and 5 October 2014

Course program, fees and logistics information now available at Melbourne Program.

Course fees include:

    • printed course notes and healing manuals
    • 6″ clear quartz crystal double terminator to be attuned for healing practice
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    • certificate of course completion

Class size limited to 12 participants for more coaching and group sharing. Private consultations in Melbourne available on 6 October. Contact Cecily Leong at email: cecilyleong@mail.com or Tel: 0402 339 569 for registration and enquiries.

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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