In the past year or so, one of the common concerns I came across during my reading sessions with clients was the experience of frequent and intense fluctuations in moods, resulting in periods of hectic and fulfilling activities alternated with intervals of restless lethargy and inertia. Besides advising these clients to practise breath work through yoga, tai-chi or qi gong to calm the mind and bring their focus back to the heart center of natural balance, I decided to find out the reason for the growing prevalence of ‘mood swings’ among us. Interestingly, it was Mother Earth who responded to my question.

Mother Earth: Like myself, the human consciousness is evolving rapidly as his energy body continues to expand and grounds itself onto the fifth dimensional (5D) level. This growth and expansion process is joyous and effortless for me whereas it can be experienced as challenging, frustrating and unpleasant to Man since his mind has been conditioned with the third dimensional qualities of control and predictability, quite the opposite of the 5D expression of Being in the Moment. The fight by the egoistic mind against the evolutionary and inevitable transition to living the 5D Light is the primary cause of the fluctuating and confusing emotions sensed by his neurological sytem.    

The transition Man is currently in is akin to a baby’s natural desire to master walking as he learns to overcome the body’s tendency to fall back to the old movement modality of crawling. However, the baby does not judge the change process as fast or slow, easy or difficult, should or should not. He simply grows along with the change; sometimes falling flat on his face, other times steadily himself on his legs for a few seconds or if he chooses, reverting to crawling altogether. As the baby follows his heart’s guidance on how best to experience his next movement – crawling, walking or falling – he experiences his growth process as fun and natural. Thus the key to having fun with your transformational journey is to TRUST that despite the emotional upheavals and cyclical swings between actions and in-actions, you are indeed progressing along your genetic evolutionary path of dancing to the rhythms of all frequencies – to eventually crawl, walk, skip or run as your heart desires.

Great thanks to Mother Earth for her sound advice.

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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