I am totally thankful for Master Kuthumi’s insightful teachings at the recent numerology workshop Self-Mastery Through Understanding Your Number Patterns‘. I would think the greatest take-away for the participants was the realization that despite the term “destiny” being defined as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future” (Oxford Dictationary), it is possible to change our Destiny Number which encodes the vibrational qualities our soul has chosen to master in the current life time.

The name we were born with contains the vibrational qualities we have planned to become. They are embedded in the sounds of our names and numerologically represented in our personal Destiny Number. However, a plan remains only as a plan. So should we be guided to adopt a new name officially and use it for some considerable time, we will cause our Destiny Number and consequently our soul mission to change accordingly. “This is one way in which the divine law of freewill is expressed in the world of physicality and through humans,” explained Master Kuthumi.

We Name our Destiny, as such. To me, this is a wonderful confirmation of what we’ve been reminded of again and again…we are our own masters.

PS. A large extent of the workshop involved channelings for the participants. For this reason and to respect the privacy of the channeled information, the workshop was not recorded.

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Book Recommendation – “Numerology : The Power of Numbers” by Ruth A. Drayer.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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