I believe as Earth unfolds more of her 5th dimensional aspect which has the distinctive quality of ONENESS, we will begin to experience this same unity consciousness permeating through our being and bringing about a more holistic perception of ourselves and the world we live in. As the convergence of the mind becomes a common experience among us – which the Mayans described as humanity entering the Galactic Age – what then happens to our individual destiny, mission and soul purpose?

That was my question to the guides to which they responded, “As humanity grows into a collective consciousness, the desire to radiate and express Loving Kindness towards one and another will gradually precede the form and timing of the vibrational experiences originally prescribed in the individual soul contracts. Every thought, feeling and act of Loving Kindness brings humanity closer to fully living its common destiny of being One with Spirit”.

My guides also shared a simple technique for cultivating Loving Kindness, that is to ask ourselves this question “how can I make a positive difference to someone’s life TODAY?” and pay attention to the opportunities presented to us to do just that. The advice has certainly worked well for me. I am most grateful for the sense of joy that is awakened in me each time I get to display a little act of loving kindness. If the guides’ suggestion appeals to you too, why not begin this daily practice on this full moon?

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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