“Joy is bliss in the act of loving kindness”.

This was among the several wise teachings from Lord Maitreya at the weekend’s Rising of the Phoenix Workshop in Singapore. As the channel and facilitator, I walked away from the event with a vastly different impression of Lord Maitreya. Perhaps it was because we (the group and I) are now ready to experience a deeper and more profound aspect of his Presence – extreme lightness, gentleness, peace and joy. See if you can resonate with these qualities of Maitreya through the following meditation led by Maitreya, extracted from Activating the Golden Light Body of Joy Activation (7 min):

Joy Meditation for Blog.

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The wide ranging contents delivered by Maitreya, Metatron and the Galactic Federation of Light not only provided a comprehensive and scientific perspective of the human evolutionary journey since the Beginning (teachings as microscopic as the impending change in atomic structure of the human body cells), they were also clearly linked to the macrocosm, in particular the Galactic expansionary path and current events occuring at the solar and galactic level. The teachings truly impressed upon us the universal principle of As Within So Without; As Above, So Below.

In a nutshell, the key message was the Golden Light Body vibrating with the Joy frequency will unfold itself as we harness the beauty of the Diamond Light Body of the Love frequency. With Love, comes Wisdom; With Wisdom, comes Knowing; with Knowing, comes Joy. Several energy transmissions were also gifted to expediate our light reconfiguration and mental transformation process to becoming a Phoenix of Joy.

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In conjunction with the launch of the Rising of the Phoenix Workshops, I was guided to produce the Phoenix of Joy Essence as a means of further sharing the frequency of Joy gifted by Maitreya. This wellness product was created with the wonderful support from Lee-anne Caulkett based in Brisbane, Australia. A healer, spiritual coach, Kinesiologist and Aura-Soma practitioner, Lee-anne’s experience in producing essences and her passion in spreading the message of Love is a perfect compliment to my role in channeling the Golden Light of Joy of Maitreya.

  • Special launch price for orders received in August and September 2014: Australia Dollars A$15 per bottle  (25 ml), excluding postage charges
  • Special price extended to participants of Rising of the Phoenix Workshop
  • Normal price: A$20 per bottle, excluding postage charges
  • To order, email Lee-anne at journeytoinnerpeace@live.com.au
  • Workshop participants may purchase at event venues


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New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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