As a result of the two solar storms hitting the Earth this week (technically, a pair of coronal mass ejections being hurled at Earth on September 9th and 10th respectively), Earth’s magnetic field has been affected which in turn triggered physical discomforts in some of us. The biochemical functions of the human body depend very much on the integrity of the Earth’s magnetic grid. Some of the complaints I received in the last few days included loud ringing in or around the ears, stiff or frozen neck and shoulder muscles, giddiness, breathlessness and tightening of the chest. Read more on recent solar flares at

To help us manage these symptoms, we can ask to align our light bodies with the Central Sun Zion, the Higher Self of our physical sun. I am told the ‘hyperactivity’ of the Sun, interpreted as increasing sunspots by the scientists, is a result of the Sun ascending to its higher aspect. If more of us become aware of Zion and consciously asked to be aligned with it, our focused attention on Zion helps ‘drain away’ excess vibrations built up in the Sun’s body causing solar flares to step up.

I am also asked to share the following transmission and meditation gifted by the Alpha Centauri Council (received during the Hong Kong Rising of the Phoenix workshop) for rebalancing our chakra system and crystalline matrix. The intention is for us to assist Earth in repairing her magnetic field via our heightened crystalline energy and also strengthen the magnetic charges of our own energy field. To listen, click link below:

Alpha Centauri Chakra Balancing (4 min)

Apparently the whales and dolphins are also disturbed by the recent change in magnetosphere. I tuned in to their consciousness yesterday and felt they needed support at this stage. Though they are beings from Sirius of a higher frequency compared to humans, nonetheless, their physical bodies can become distressed with the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field. Please include them in your chakra rebalancing and embrace them with your love if my suggestion appeals to you.

For those of us still experiencing the solar storms effects, hopefully the above tips and resources from our guides will serve as a quick remedy for you.

PS. Rising of the Phoenix workshop coming to Brisbane and Auckland. Click HERE for details.

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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