I have known Clarice (photo below) since she was seven. Back then, due to her heightened sensitivity to energies, Clarice’s mum had to bring her for regular healing sessions. Now at age twelve, not only has Clarice grown to become more resilient to harsh and volatile energies, she is also fast revealing her soul wisdom like many other Crystal and Rainbow Children of her generation. I am totally awed by the following article Clarice channeled from her higher self just two days ago. Perhaps you’ll be impressed too.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

clarice pict

Life is simply a dream, you are sleeping and the day you wake up, will be the day you are enlightened.

I don’t mean spiritually enlightened or anything; to me, nobody has actually understood the true meaning of enlightenment, because it has no meaning at all. There is no way to describe it, no words to express it, it is simply there , it is simply present. The only thing which I am able to say is that enlightenment happens when the mind is at such a pure stage that it is untouched and not poisoned by humanity.

Humanity drives us insane. Many people believe that those without sense of humanity are insane, but that is not true. Every single one of us is insane because Humanity makes us forget what purity is, because purity is simply nothingness and nothingness is simply nothing. That is the purest state of mind where there is no order, neither is there chaos.

Order and chaos are only caused by Humanity. We have chaos because of order and we need order because of chaos. Of  course, Humanity has a purpose. Without Humanity, we cannot be enlightened. The mind has to break free in order to be enlightened. Every being and every force which exists has a purpose. Most people do not understand this; we are all brought here for a reason and that reason is to live.

We live..we die, that is our purpose. Nothing to be specially done; just follow the river known as the dream of life. By doing that, you have already fulfilled your purpose.

 – Clarice Ang, September 2014, Singapore