Among the many enlightening teachings from Lord Maitreya transmitted at the earlier sessions of Rising of the Phoenix, the short discourse on Joy vs Happiness has left quite a deep impression in me. In the same teaching, Maitreya also explained how the Joy frequency works differently from manifestation.

To listen to this teaching (3 minutes), click link below:

Blog post- Joy and Happiness

It has been such great Joy channeling the wisdom of Maitreya. I am definitely looking forward to sharing more Joyous moments with the Brisbane group on 11-12 October. Email Katrece at for registration details.


Phoenix of Joy Essence – Elixir of Joy Infused with Maitreya’s Golden Light

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If your body is already bubbling with joy upon listening to Maitreya’s words but you are unable to join us at any of the Rising of the Phoenix workshops to be fully immersed in his Golden Light, the Phoenix of Joy Essence could be the ideal alternative catalyst and agent for awakening your inner joy. Read more at Product Intro.

Users’ feedback – “I love the essence. It helps me to connect with Lord Maitreya easily. Since the workshop I have been working very closely with Lord Maitreya. I could feel his energy in me each time I took it. It helps me to centre myself easily. Each time I took it, I vibrate at a higher level. Sometimes I took it twice or thrice depending on what I need to work on myself. Currently I am ‘addicted’ to it and could not imagine not having it in my life. – Zainon, Singapore, September 2014”

More feedback shared at Joyous Testimonials.

The more we share Joy, the more Joyous the world shall be. On this note, we’re pleased to extend the special launch price A$15/bottle (exclude postage) to orders received in October through December 2014. Do consider ordering this ‘Elixir of Joy’ on time as Christmas gifts for your family and loved ones. Email Lee-anne at for order information.  Stock available at workshop venues.

There is always Love in Joy!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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