‘Keys of Enoch – The Book of Knowledge’ states under Key 1-0-7: The key name given to enter into the presence of the Throne of Light Pyramid of the next Universe is METATRON.

In preparing for the Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshops last year, the interpretation of Key 1-0-7 was given to me as follows:

“As Earth and ourselves go through the current upgrade in energy frequency from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, the rate of pulsation or vibratory speed of the atomic particles in our body is increasing rapidly, causing our body’s electromagnetic field (EMF) to expand and step up in its frequency by a tremendous amount. METATRON is facilitating this energy expansion in our body by moderating or smoothing out the emanation of ascension energy from the galaxy. He also enables an effective integration of this ascension energy in our body by bringing about a cohesive, stable and balanced energy shift of the electrons, protons and neutrons in our body. Hence, META-TRON can be decoded as Going Beyond or Transcending (Meta) the current energy levels of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons (TRON) of the human body ”

New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 23 October 2014 – Managing the Ascension Energy by Balancing Your EMF 

Metatron revealed that we can expect powerful ascension energy emanations from the galactic portal of Sirius on the coming New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 23 October 2014. It would be advisable to start preparing our body (physical and light bodies) to receive and integrate this latest ascension wave by tuning in to Metatron three days prior to that day. You may listen the following recording on Introducing Metatronic Vibation and for receiving the attunement to align yourself with Metatron.

Click: Metatron Attunment (4 min)

  • This recording was extracted from May 2013’s Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshop, Hong Kong.
  • For information on the complete set of workshop recordings (43 audio tracks, 5 hours 50 minutes with 31 accompanying slides), go to AK Audio Product

Rising of the Phoenix Workshop, Auckland 22 – 23 November 2014

Besides Maitreya as the spiritual host, Metatron will be speaking on Building the Diamond Light Body of Angelic Love at the Auckland workshop. Participants need not have attended last year’s Making of the New Adam Kadmon workshops to join the Phoenix event. Private consultations available on 24 November (Monday). Workshop program at HERE  and logistics details at HERE. Email Annette at annette@goldenagementor.co.nz for registration and enquiries.


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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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