Painting of Buddha I recently purchased in Brisbane

I have come to understand that the more we think, feel and be Oneness, the better we get at sailing through times of planetary vibrational shifts, without having to manifest or experience chaos and turbulence in our external reality. In this respect, the Teaching of Nothingness I received from Lord Buddha yesterday came at a perfect time as an additional resource to help us anchor and imbibe the ascension energy expected on the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 23 October 2014 (read more at ‘Optimising the next Ascension Window via the Metatronic Vibration, 15 October).

Coded in Light Language, this teaching from Buddha was originally meant for a dear friend of ours. After reading her feedback, I felt guided to share it on our blog, so more can receive the blessing of Oneness and rebalancing, prior to this Thursday’s Eclipse.

Our friend has shared, “The teaching of Nothingness is indeed profound, and I was compelled  to play the Light transmission many times over, as It sent me into bliss each time.”

Click to listen to transmission (1 minute) : Teaching of Nothingness

The transmission can be translated as:

 The World is Nothingness, yet it is Everything.

The Heart is Nothingness, yet it feels the heartbeat of Everything.

The Mind is Nothingness, yet it contains the wisdom of the Heart.

So I Say All is Nothingness, making All the Oneness.

May you too experience deep peace, gratitude and bliss through this wonderful blessing from Buddha. Namaste, Amara Tia Ann.

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