The Andromedan Council transmitted a marvelous gift which it named the ‘Starlit Sky’. These vibrational sounds from the 10th dimension of our galaxy – the home of the Andromedans – are to support us in bringing through the newest ascension energy emanated from the galaxy center via the new moon and solar eclipse window. The Andromedan guides described these sounds as highly luminous, having the effect of de-cluttering and deprogramming the mind of unworthy thoughts of fear and limitations; for removing all judgement created by the ego self, so the mind can be inspired by the New Light.” 

As if to give us a better feel of their high-tech world powered by advanced mental capabilities deployed for serving the Brotherhoods of Light, the Andromedan Council requested that I receive and transmit the Light Language sound codes while listening to a piece of techno music I intuitively selected. Hope you’ll enjoy the uplifting and ‘techno’ ‘Starlit Sky’ (6 min)!

Click to listen: Andromendon Gift


  • Background music by Rene Van Der Wouden, “Pro Sequential”
  • Exact full moon at 21:57 GMT on 23 October. Source:
  • Greatest eclipse at 21:44 GMT in Canada. Source :

Our gratitude to the above references.

New Moon Eclipse Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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