As the Auckland session of the ‘Rising of the Phoenix’ workshop (Auckland, 22 and 23 November) approaches, I can almost feel the presence of Lord Maitreya around and within me 24/7. Maitreya described his energy signature as Joy. Cocooned in his aura, my whole being has since been elevated to a higher state of Be and my senses centered on Joy.

Totally loving and generous, Maitreya asked that I share an important activation and the related teaching prior to the coming Full Moon of 6th November 2014 GMT 22.23. These transmissions, received in Brisbane last month, were the energy keys for attuning the mind to the Joy vibration patterned within the 6th strand of our DNA genetic codes. Given the dynamic inter-galactic fusion that is going on now (read post of 12 September – Phoenix Reborn Out of An Inter-Galactic Fusion), it is therefore not a surprise that Maitreya would choose this time period to freely share the Golden Light Body activation.

To Listen

While it is perfectly fine to listen to the following tracks now, I recommend you re-listen to at least the energy activation (second track below) on the day of the Full Moon.



Join Us At The Final Workshop in Auckland, 22-23 November

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At this stage, there are no plans to compile the recordings of this series of workshops (Singapore, Hong Kong, Brisbane and Auckland) into an audio product. Andy and I sincerely hope you could join us at the final session of Rising of the Phoenix taking place in New Zealand – also known as the Land of Mu (Lemuria) by my guides – to be bathed in the golden light of Maitreya and be awed by the magnificent presence of Metatron. Logistics and Program at Auckland Workshop.

Email Annette at for enquiries and/or registration.


Phoenix of Joy Essence – A Joyous Alternative to Attending Workshop

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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