With Christmas just round the corner, the Rising of the Phoenix workshop series certainly ended on a crescendo of JOY in Manila on last Sunday.

Of the many teachings transmitted by Lord Maitreya – Head of Office of the Christ and Lord of the Second Ray – I was most impressed when he spoke about wisdom.

He taught, “All the realities we create in the human world and our interpretations of them serve only one purpose, that is, for assessing how well we have remembered and mastered self love. Each time we feel our words or actions are not being approved by the external world (‘as without‘), it is in fact an opportunity to be reminded that it is our ego who is not accepting our nature as perfection, as love (“as within”). Assertion of our beliefs is a restoration of love that’s been diminished by the ego. Consciousness is expanded, thus wisdom cultivated, each time we consciously use love as the resource to create our experiences. Wisdom comes with mental effort, in re-training the mind to think, feel and be love, such that eventually the realities the mind creates can only be projections and interpretations of self love, rather than fear. Love which is the human nature + Wisdom expressed through an awakened mind =  Joyous experiences, again and again”.


Our deepest gratitude to all participants of the Singapore (August), Hong Kong (September), Brisbane (October), Auckland (November) and Manila (December) workshops for being part of Rising of the Phoenix connection and for having contributed to building the Phoenix Grid of Joy. Let us continue to think, feel and act JOY!

Missed the ‘Rising of the Phoenix’ workshops?  

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Want to re-connect with your Angelic self? 

Join us at Solstice Celebration in Singapore : Over The Rainbow hosted by the Archangels. Admission is free. Go to Rainbow for event details. Simply use your Merkabah to connect with the event on 21st December 2 pm to 4 pm Singapore time, if you can’t join us physically.

Joy to All, Amara Tia Ann


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