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“Beloved Ones of The Eternal Light, we, the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, greet you with utmost respect, honour and love. This is indeed a special time, in an Earth sense, to be speaking with you as you get ready to cross over to a new Earth year. A new beginning awaits those of you who are ready to reclaim the power bestowed on you as the Children of the Light. This is a power that will be unleashed from within you as the soul remembrance journey you have set in motion soon comes to an end.

For many life times, you have returned to the Earth again and again in search of a light; a luminous flame which you believed will drive away the darkness you witnessed in humanity and in your own humanly behaviours. You had regarded this darkness as an evil force which needed to be banished and kept away from your consciousness forever. So you kept rejecting it and thus, created and perpetuated your own darkest night of the soul.

We rejoice to tell you, our dear Warriors of Light, as you awaken to the truth that the dark and the light is the one and same creative Spirit in you, you will be re-joined with your soul light. You will fear no more. The acceptance of all that you are liberates you from the self-imposed darkness. As you accept the fears within your mind, this is how you will reclaim your power as the ultimate Creator. The gift of self-empowerment, invoked through an awakened mind, awaits you in the year 2015.

Look into the sacred space in your heart for that eternal flame that burns with love; ask that it not drive away darkness but bring darkness home to Source, to Oneness.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy. We embrace the entirety of you in our lotus heart. “

Channeled 29 December 2014


I have also been told that quite contrary to 2014’s vibrational theme of To Be (introspective, reflective, self-realizations of truth, quiet time), 2015 is more about To Do as it ushers in an energy of expansion, a motivational force for Light workers to express and share their gifts for the betterment of Humanity. In short, we can expect a busier and more active year ahead, as we harness the inner growth of To Be towards a greater expression of the power of our God Self. Hence, ‘the gift of self-empowerment, invoked through an awakened mind, awaits you in the year 2015′ from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

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