Through a recent channeling done for a friend’s daughter aged 4, I was told by Lord Maitreya that a number of our young children remain well connected with their higher mind after their incarnation. Unlike the lower mind where negative ego dwells, the higher mind (also known as causal or spiritual body) is the realm of absolute joy and bliss.

Tuned-in to their higher mind, these children tend to display carefree, happy and cheerful demeanor. However, as they grow up and become entrained in the mass consciousness thinking much infiltrated with fear, their lower mind, resonating with the vibratory pattern of fear, can cause the children’s attention to be diverted to fear-based experiences which then become hardwired in their brain.

Lord Maitreya, hailed as the laughing buddha in the East,  offers himself as the spiritual mentor and guardian for these children. For a start, he gifts them the following teaching encoded with his energy signature of joy and lightness.

Always smile when you feel fear. Remind yourself fear exists only in the mind. Fear is not your nature. A smile sooths the fearful mind. As the mind begins to enjoy lightness more and more, it shall entertain fears no more.

If you like, you may create a poster printed with these words and display it in your kid’s room. Feel free to use the one I have created (below). I am sure your kids will welcome the joyous and caring presence of Lord Maitreya.

Joyous blessings to all our children, Amara Tia Ann. 

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