True to what Archangel Metatron has ‘warned’ in his Solstice message, I noticed as we move deeper into 2015, the personal realities being created by individuals are becoming more and more differentiated. In the month of January 2015 alone, I have heard of cases where life has gone from peace to bliss while for others, tension, stress and unease are building up day after day.

On the surface, such a disparate phenomenon may seem to contradict 2015’s vibratory theme of self-empowerment. However, if you were to examine the auras and read into the energy patterns of these two groups of people (as I have done), you might realise the differentiating factor is the level of self-mastery, essentially self-love, being anchored and hard-wired in the neurological systems of these subjects. In other words, the extent of self-empowerment mirrored in our realities is directly related to the degree of self-love (God consciousness) awakened in our biology. A belief of self-empowerment arouses positive feelings such as joy, peace and gratitude more easily, which catalyzes the manifestation of our intentions. The feel-good vibrations transmitted by the body bounce back quickly as see-good experiences, creating a positive vicious cycle.

However, for many of us, the empowering feelings we experience inside us do not always translate into our desired realities. I would think the main reason is due to our creative energy being drained and dissipated in the course of our intention setting, arising from a belief of imperfection and unworthiness embedded in our subconscious (cellular memory); that is, self-empowerment and self-love not awakened and radiated fully through our body cells, causing our energy to be leaked and attention unconsciously diverted to the stressful and chaotic vibrations prevailing the masses.

I learned that the memory patterns of the body can be altered through regular meditative breathwork. Try the following practice if it appeals to you:

1. Place your awarness on your crown chakra

2.  Inhale deeply, activating and releasing the golden light of God consciousness from the crown chakra

3. As you exhale deeply and slowly, channel this healing light down your spine and across the entire body

4. Pay attention to any area(s) of resistance – memories of imperfection and unworthiness. Allow the golden light to settle at this area(s) for a bit longer

5. Repeat the cycle of in-breaths and out-breaths as many times as desired

6. Close the meditation by affirming through the heart chakra, ” I AM Perfect; I AM Love. I create only experiences of love and perfection.” Feel the vibrations of this affirmation cruising through the nervous system (‘memory lanes’).

May you experience your godliness with joy and appreciation!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

* To listen to Archangel Metatron’s Solstice message and teachings from other Archangels, go to: 22 Dec 2014 Solstice Message: With Inner Peace, Comes Real Power.

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