In recent readings, the guides have been coming forth with suggestions on recalibrating our energy frequency at will to minimize discomforts to the body which may arise from what they call an energy gap between our internal system and the immediate external environment we are part of.

For instance, after a deep meditation or healing session, our aura usually brightens up and our sensitivity is heightened due to the chakras being rebalanced and re-connected with the frequencies of the higher worlds. If we were to then walk into a crowded mall for some grocery shopping, we may begin to feel uncomfortable – dizzy, light-headed, nauseous – or completely out of place. Reason being the thought patterns circulated in the mall are likely to be more of a material nature, or in energy terms, denser in frequency. Our body detects this energy discrepancy and sends out impulses of ‘fear of alienation’, triggering the bodily discomforts.

How can we carry on with our spiritual practices and still be able to enjoy the convenience of modern day life?

The guides recommended the following techniques:

a) Affirm “I AM ONE with the crowd’ at least 3 times, before stepping into a crowded place. This affirmation works for me whenever I need to ride the subways in Singapore, which are perpetually crowded.

b) Visualise the crown chakra closing up its petals temporarily, symbolising your intention to ‘dim your light’ to adapt to the energy frequency of the environment or situation

c) For the mind to embrace traffic and other noises which irritate you, recite the mantra “Kaliah OM” 3 times – a mantra gifted by Goddess Isis.

Hope you’ll find these techniques useful for living ONENESS comfortably, through integration, adaptation and acceptance.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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