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As I work with Thoth to get ready The New Human Body workshop for its inaugural session on 21st March (Equinox), I have learnt to be more mindful of the many wonderful spiritual lessons the body is offering us. Take for example, I realized the body and its physiological needs are the most practical and powerful reminders of ‘Living in the Now’ and ‘Be Present’. When the body is starving, we need to feed it straight away; when it is tired, we need to let it rest; when it feels cold, we need to immediately put on warm clothing. It is by attending to these essential physiological needs of the body that we learn only the Present is real. By meeting the needs of the Now, we keep the mind away from the regrets of the past and worries of the future.

The human body – such a valuable gift from the Heavens and the Earth indeed! How then can we support the body to ascend to its fifth dimensional frequency safely and comfortably and to minimize the ascension symptoms many are experiencing as unsettling and disruptive to their routine? I believe Thoth will share several healing techniques in this regard during the workshop.

For now, you may appreciate this insight from Thoth regarding disrupted sleep pattern. If you are experiencing quickened heartbeat which keeps you awake in the night, barring menopause or any heart or sleep-related conditions you may have, the probable reason would be your nervous system picking up the fear-based emotions released by most people during their sleep (heightened sensitivity of the nervous system is a natural consequence of becoming more 5th dimensional). Your body may have interpreted these vibrations as a real threat, thus causing more adrenaline to be released into the bloodstream which in turn triggers the heart to beat faster, as if getting the body ready for a fight or flight. Using your hands to connect with your and affirming, “ I am safe, I am protected‘ several times is a way of training the mind and nervous system not to react to the external vibrations of fear and distress.

We look forward to your participation at The New Human Body workshops.


* The New Human Body Workshop will be launched in Singapore on 21st – 22nd March. Go to Program for workshop contents and registration details.

* Workshop is also available in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Manila from April through June. Schedules and logistic details available at Program.

* If you have written to express an interest in attending The New Human Body in Australia, New Zealand or the States, we thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Andy and I will announce the event schedules for the second half of 2015 when we are ready.


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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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