We will witness an extremely rare phenomenon on this Friday 20th March when three celestial events coincide  : Solar Eclipse, Supermoon and Equinox. Not only will the moon not be visible (new moon), the Sun will also appear as partially or completely blocked during the eclipse and thus, certain parts of the Earth plunged into darkness. What is the metaphysical and energetic significance of this theme of darkness combined with the Equinox of almost equal day and night on Earth? I wonder.

I was woken at 3:30 am this morning to receive Thoth’s explanations.

Our connection with the Sun represents the human ego or our conscious thoughts whereas the Moon connects us with our feelings, often driven by the psyche or subtle mentalities. The lack of light is akin to manifestation taking a pause, very much like the stillness observed between an in- and out-breath.  When both the Sun and Moon appear as invisible to us, it presents a window for us to meditate (‘pause’) to align the mental and emotional body for a closer synchronicity between our habitual actions and our true inner feelings. Against the backdrop of an Equinox, we will also be have the opportunity of resetting our mental and feeling patterns to the original vibration which birthed all creations – of perfect balance in duality (‘equal day and night’).

Suggested meditation for Friday, in line with Thoth’s teaching :
1. Construct a pyramid encasing you

2. Place a pyramid upon your third eye, throat and heart chakra

3. Place both hands upon your core star chakra #

4. Focusing on the core star, spin the body clockwise and anti-clockwise, for 9 times in each direction (purpose: align core star with the zero-point field of Earth where no magnetics or duality is present)

5. Visualise the pyramids transformed into lotuses, symbolizing the enlightenment of thoughts, purification of feelings and the unification of both.

# for explanation on Core Star Chakra including its location on the human 5th dimensional energy field, go to post ‘Core Star Chakra – The ‘I AM Presence’ Energy Vortex’

An Invitation

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For those not attending The New Human Body workshop in Singapore on March 21-22, you’re welcome to tune-in to the event to receive the attunements and energy activations gifted by Thoth and the guardians of the Halls of Amenti. Details of program at http://wp.me/P22lmc-2le. PS. No password is required to access the group’s Merkabah, just your intention. 🙂

Namaste. Amara Tia Ann.

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