I would summarize last weekend’s The New Human Body workshop gifted by Cosmic Master Thoth as Profound yet Practical; Esoteric yet Contemporary, totally aligned with the spirit of The Keys of Life and Death (Emerald Tablet 13) which honors the existence of polarity and their equal importance  :

(extract) Know ye, O man, that thy form is dual, balanced in polarity while formed in its form.

Just to expand a little. For example, profound and esoteric were Thoth’s sharing of his deep knowledge about the Halls of Amenti where a flame burns upon a Flower of Life, supplying humanity with the primodial life force from far beneath Earth; yet practical and contemporary were his healing techniques on restoring the natural re-generative power of the body, including using an attuned crystal pendant for dowsing to detect hormonal imbalances in our body. By delivering the workshop in a dualistic or seemingly contradictory manner, I believe Thoth’s intention was to prove that polarity can and will co-exist in our life experiences.

One of the participants, Leantara Shah, shared her experience in greater detail.

As a channel myself, I know how high the frequencies are when working with Thoth and that it requires so much love and preparation to hold his energies for a whole week-end.  So, thanks for this gift of The New Human Body workshop. The decoding of the Emerald Tablets, the secrets of the Halls of Amenti and the Flower of life were enlightening!  This workshop also offers a bridge between physical symptoms and their metaphysical reasons, opening the possibilities to new forms of healing. It was packed with new healing tools, together with powerful light language activations. To me, it was the best workshop which expounded the universal principle that whether on a physical level or quantum level, everything is connected and is One. I would recommend it to anyone who is a healer or is ready to get a better understanding of ones’ ailments or is looking to receive powerful healing tools and activations.!”

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Listen to the following activation track for invigorating the body, particularly useful for soothing the heart and improving its function of circulating Oxygen in the body. The track contained the vibrational sounds of the Flower of Life found in the Halls of Amenti:



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  • Melbourne 17 – 18 October. Contact Cecily Leong at cecilyleong@mail.com for registration details.


Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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