I love working with the Pleiades star beings whose signature quality is love. After all, Pleiades is the higher aspect of the planet Venus!

At both the Singapore and Malaysia sessions of The New Human Body Workshop,  our ‘special guests’, the Pleiadians, came through to share their wisdom on being and enabling Love. They taught a simple technique on activating the Diamond Light Body (the garment of Self Love) in others. The good news is – this technique can be applied over distance too, similar to any remote healing methodology and it does not require the practitioner to be attuned to Pleiades.

Diamond Love

Self Love is the foundation for wellness and certainly, an essential catalyst for becoming The New Human Body. May love blossom and radiate through All beings !

Go to The New Human Body for program and details on May & June sessions.

Blessed Be, Amara Tia Ann.

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