During the 2013 Goddess Dance workshops, we worked with Goddess Artemis to release negative karmic imprints from our bones. I realised the great significance of this energy gift from Artemis after listening to Thoth’s teachings at this year’s The New Human Body workshops. He taught:

  • the bone marrow is responsible for producing the blood stem cells which then become either the red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets
  • if the bone marrow cells are imprinted with the old energy patterns of fear, all blood stem cells will naturally inherit this same vibrational pattern to some extent
  • in particular, the ‘contaminated’ red blood cells pose the greatest risk to the body’s inherent state of perfect balance since these blood cells are being circulated around the body to transport Oxygen

Thoth also shared that in the case of adults, most of the new blood stem cells are produced from the rib bones and sternum. To keep these bones healthy and less prone to the negative effects of old memory patterns which may be lingering in the marrow cells, we are strongly encouraged to practise deep breathing regularly to ensure a good flow of Oxygenated blood in the rib cage as well as an abundant inflow of prana (‘chi’, ‘qi’) through the body.

  • To listen to Goddess Artemis’s energy gift – clearing deep seated energy debris from skeletal system, click Artemis Healing 2013 (10 min)
  • Goddess Dance Workshops Audio Kit available for sale, click HERE
  • Details of June (Manila) and October (Melbourne) sessions of The New Human Body workshop HERE


Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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