• Through the meditation held in Singapore this afternoon (program at Wesak Festival Meditation), the group created a powerful channel for ALL to connect with Lord Buddha and the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy for receiving and distributing the Wesak Blessings. Follow these steps:

1. At the exact Full Moon on 4th May 03:42 GMT or as close to this time as possible, sit in quiet meditation

2. Sound the sacred word OM for three times, feeling its vibration emitting from your heart chakra and forming concentric rings surrounding your heart space

3. Recite this prayer to receive the beneficent force of Enlightenment and Illumination radiating from Lord Buddha and disseminated through the Ascended Masters : May my heart, mind and body be joined as a lotus, seated upon the heart of the Buddha. Let Light enter and Light shall the lotus thrive to be. And so it is”.  (prayer encoded with the energy keys to access the Wesak Blessings streaming through Wesak Valley, Himalayas)

My deepest gratitude to all participants at today’s Wesak Festival Meditation for having co-created this energy pathway for further distributing and sharing the Wesak blessings. Thank you !


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May all beings be well and happy! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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