I have come across many Lightworkers who possess a beautiful heart and are passionate about bringing more Light to our world. However, when it comes to fulfilling their basic material needs, they seem to experience great difficulty manifesting their worldly desires. When I examined their auras during our reading sessions, I tend to see a ‘top-heavy’ auric field surrounding them, that is, the upper chakras are brighter, more prominent and radiant compared to the lower ones, especially the Root (Base) Chakra which is responsible for transforming life force energy into experiences revolving around physical survival, safety and material satisfaction.

The higher aspirations of these Lightworkers, through their benevolent thoughts and universal feelings,naturally cause Light to be attracted to and congregate around the higher chakras (resonance of frequencies). If these high frequencies are not consciously channeled down the body to be redistributed to the lower chakras, the latter can gradually become dimmer in their colour emissions and weaker in fulfilling their functions, such as what has possibly become of the Root Chakra of these Lightworkers.

Additionally, many of us habitually use the Third Eye as the window for manifestation which again causes Light (energy potential) to gather more at the higher chakras. Ironically, manifestation of resources to support our Earthly living is the forte of the Base Chakra which, in its balanced state, emits an energy frequency most aligned with fulfilling our physical needs, including attracting money as a resource.

My guides taught the following breathing techniques for rebalancing our aura and particularly, for creating new neural pathways to permit the universal life force flowing through our chakra system to be retained and conserved in the Root Chakra for its expansion.

1. Practise yogi or diaphragmatic breathing in a standing position  – expand your chest and belly as you inhale; hollow out your stomach as your exhale. Repeat these in- and out-breaths slowly and gently for 5 times

2. During the 6th inhalation, besides expanding and filling up your chest and stomach with fresh air (this process utilises your 3rd dimensional awareness), also visualise Light coming through from your Crown Chakra and travels down across the entire body to enter Earth (this step engages your higher dimensional body for healing and creation)

3. In the exhalation that follows, when sucking in the tummy to expel the stale air from the body, also apply some force to squeeze or contract the  perineum at the anus genitals area, near the Base Chakra.  Simultaneously, visualise Earth’s energy rising up through your feet, converges at the tailbone and flows up the spine to reach the Crown Chakra. (Rationale: due to the affinity between Earth’s natural frequency and the Base Chakra, drawing upon Earth’s ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ is ideal for boosting our physical vitality and improving manifestation and retention of abundance).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as a set for as many times as you feel guided

In my view, these techniques are great for supporting us to magnetise abundance provided that there are no major energy blockages elsewhere in the chakra system which will inevitably cause us to re-experience lack and non-fulfillment.

Event Announcement: I will be presenting a two-hour talk on “Healthy Chakras, Happy Mind” at the International Spirit and Wellness Conference held in Singapore from 12-14 June 2015, an annual event organised by The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. All is welcome ! Event details HERE.

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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