During the The New Human Body Workshop in Singapore, Cosmic Master Thoth reminded us the importance of connecting with our physical heart regularly – the most essential organ of the body, physiologically speaking. Although inter-related and inter-dependent on one another, every organ, including the heart, functions like a separate entity having its own consciousness. So if we were to engage our heart consciously and regularly, not only are we energizing it with our attention (energy follows attention) and thus, keeping it happy and healthy, we are also training our mind to be still, so it may hear and be entrained with the intuitive wisdom of our heart.

The following practice was shared by Thoth:

  • Sit in quiet meditation
  • Place the right hand upon your heart (rationale: reminding the body of its wholesomeness by having the right hand, representing our masculinity, in contact with the heart, a feminine oriented consciousness)
  • Say to your heart, ” I AM Love; so are You”
  • Still the mind and listen to the whispers from your heart

On this full moon, may your heart speak of joy, excitement, adventures and the many wonders you may create as an instrument of Light, an agent of Love.

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Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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