It was a delightful experience sharing the guides’ wisdom at the International Spirit & Wellness Conference organised by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM). The guides have chosen to speak on “Healthy Chakras, Happy Mind”

Slide1Lord Buddha started the presentation reminding us that the higher purpose of the human existence is to actualise the soul quality of To Be Happy, To Be Well. Given that we the human incarnates have chosen to experience form and time in the world of physicality, happiness and wellness may not have been our prevailing experience. Nevertheless, we should honour our human existence as it is by transcending form and time that humans provide the impetus for growth and expansion for the cosmos.

The guides further explained : the experience of linear time gives rise to memories. Recurring and emotionally charged memories became the mental programs controlling our mind in the way we perceive ourselves and our world. If we entrain the third eye chakra with the vibrational frequency of ‘no-time’, not only will our decisions and choices become less influenced by memories (past energies), our mind will be able to tune-in more easily to the possibilities and options of the higher world, hence empowering our lives on Earth.

  • Listen to full teaching and corresponding energy activation (6 min): Reprogram 3rd Eye

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My deepest gratitude to Pyramid Meditation Singapore, local Chapter of PSSM, for having offered me this great opportunity to share the guides’ teachings and energy gifts at the conference. Nasmate!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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