Meditating with Thoth in the Halls of Amenti was certainly one of the highlights of The New Human Body workshop. We were told found in the center of the main hall is a glorious flame burning eternally and it seats upon the Flower of Life of Amenti.



On this special day of Solstice, I am asked to share an energy activation ‘Recoding of DNA 4th, 5th & 6th Strands” gifted by the star guides on Equinox 21st March 2015, during the inaugural session of The New Human Body. This energy gift is intended to support the physiological changes of our body as we transit to becoming a 5th dimensional being on Earth. You are invited to tune-in to the Amenti Flower of Life to rejuvenate your body while listening to the activation. If you have not been attuned to Amenti, the code word to access the Flower of Life of Amenti over the Solstice period  21st June 2015 (GMT 00:00) to 22nd June 2015 (GMT 23:59), as revealed by Thoth, one of the guardians of Amenti, is “Zapatah Kulu-Yawey” (recite for three times).

Listen to DNA Recoding Transmission (5 min): Solstice Gift DNA Recoding

Event News

The final run of The New Human Body workshop will be held in Melbourne on 24 & 25 October. Please email Cecily Leong at to register. Program available at HERE, logistics and registration details HERE. 

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Wishing All an enlivening and invigorating Solstice! Amara Tia Ann.

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