Read this insightful full moon teaching from Lord Maitreya, Teacher of the Second Ray and Ascended Master heading the Office of the Christ. Scroll down for the accompanying energy activation gifted by the Galactic Councils of Light and transmitted by the Ashtar Command.

“This full moon connects humanity closer to the zodiac sign of Cancer which most significantly, represents the nurturing quality of every human and the natural desire to feel belong to and be protective over what is known as a family. Hence I have chosen to talk about family in this message.

The concept of a family extends beyond the human community. In the Spirit realm, light beings like myself also recognise and accept the need to be associated with special individual groups of souls, however only for very specific reasons which we understand very well. The reasons include mutual exchange of knowledge acquired from different systems of intelligence, expansion of the same expertise, for pro-creation of certain life forms or all of the above purposes.   

In the higher world where consciousness is not bound by time and space, the soul groupings are more fluid and occur at different planes simultaneously. For instance, I Maitreya  consider myself belonging to the soul group of Ascended Masters while simultaneously am part of another group of specialists focusing on enhancing and perfecting the vibration of Joy. I am also a member of the inter-planetary and inter-galactic envoy commissioned by the Galactic Federation of Light. I am fully aware of all my identities and are able to fulfil all roles equally well, engaging the multi-dimensional and omnipresence of myself.

As you awaken the Spirit within, you will become aware and appreciative of the existence of more than one families you have chosen to relate to on your path of expansion – families both on Earth and in the Spirit realm.

From the human perspective, true expression of Oneness starts from accepting your soul’s choice to be born into a biological family to share certain genetic attributes and quite often, to rebalance unloving karmic memories between family members. Only then can you begin to genuinely display the divine quality of nurturing and care characterised by the Cancer astrological sign. As a human, the family network is your earliest opportunity to experience Oneness in All leading to Oneness in Self. You begin to open yourself to other avenues to learn the same lesson as you grow into adulthood – seeing your workplace, your nation, the whole of humanity and eventually all life forms on planet Earth as your extended families. Understand that all these relationships, further and further away from the biological family unit as they may seem, are all pathways towards awakening the creative force which birthed you, that is, the consciousness of Love and Oneness.

Just as there is no end to creation, there is no end to the number of families you as a soul can connect with. Nevertheless, in this millennium of the Aquarian Age, it will be greatly rewarding and timely to reawaken your soul connection with the Milky Way Galaxy. The galaxy is a family of billions of stars, some ensouled with unique genetic blueprints and thus becoming life forms with evolution potential, others not. You are one of these ensouled embodiments, presently wearing a human garment but most certainly, not restricted by it when it comes to activating your potential as a member of the galaxy. Embracing the galaxy as your soul family supports you in experiencing Oneness through your Earth familial relationships. The galactic waves of greater light and expanded consciousness will alter and uplift your perception of Self, precisely from ‘I, the form of fear and separation’ to ‘I, the boundless love’.

I am Lord Maitreya. Blessings to you all.”

Listen to energy activation gifted by Galactic Councils of Light on reconnecting with the Milky Way Galaxy as your soul family (2 min) : Soul Star Activation by Galactic Council

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May you have an abundantly joyous full moon, bonding with your loved ones on Earth while simultaneously, being immersed in the wise and loving presence of the Galactic Masters. Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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