At a recent workshop, the participants asked if I were able to channel their respective lucky colour. Typical of my guides as teachers of spiritual science, instead of merely dishing out the ‘answers’, they led the group through a logical discussion and self discovery exercise. Here’s an account of the coaching session.

Guides:  Before we talk about lucky colours, naturally we want to first understand what luck is.  When and how do you know you are in a lucky situation? 

Participants’ consensus : Being in the right place, at the right time and with the right person or people.

Guides: That’s a fair statement.  However, in spiritual science, there is no concept of right or wrong. We much prefer to describe these encounters as moments when your intuition is at its sharpest, aligning your intention and focus with the natural flow of abundance within you, which is in turn externalised as what you consider lucky experiences. Where is intuition found in the body?

For a majority of the participants, it is felt in the Heart Chakra.

Guides: Intuition exists in every cell of the body. It is the divine intelligence bestowed onto the human creation and permeates through the etheric presence of every human. If it is through the Heart Chakra that you feel most connected with your divinity, correspondingly you will perceive the gift of intuition is residing there. For others, they may associate their intuition most closely with other energy centers in the body, such as the third eye, solar plexus etc.  Very often, the chakra that is most active and developed in the person will be felt and construed the dwelling place of the intuition. 

Participants’ question: How does this relate to knowing our lucky colours?

Guides: The natural colour of your strongest chakra can be regarded as your lucky color. As your eyes see more of this color, the higher qualities associated with the chakra will be enhanced, in addition to improving your intuitive insights. Over time, the effects of the expanded chakra will spill over to the remaining chakras (the results of Law of One), heightening the sensitivity of every part of your body and allowing you to tap into your intuitive insights more readily and effortlessly. Eventually, experiencing lucky moments becomes a matter of conscious choice, rather than simply walking into a coincidence. 

Suggestion from Amara Tia Ann: There are several ways to energise the natural colour of your strongest chakra, including wearing garments or crystal accessories of the same colour; decorating your homes, offices, mobile phone wallpaper etc with artwork predominantly of that colour.

New Moon Lucky Blessings to all, Amara Tia Ann. 

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