In a recent reading session, Green Tara came through with the advice of ‘(do) less is more’ for my clients, for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of their spiritual teaching and healing work.

Less is more’ is indeed a powerful reminder for us to practise mindful being as the path towards spiritual awakening and evolution.

To be mindful is to engage our mental energy consciously, meaning with total freedom and awareness of the thought patterns we are capable of having at every moment in time.

If our predominant thoughts and resulting actions are merely an output of certain vibrational patterns we were born with (karmic patterns) or have developed in the course of our life, we will be constrained in discovering and experiencing the nature of ourselves – which is ‘consciousness’, also termed as an All Knowing Mind by my guides.

Attachment creates fear; fear prohibits the expansion of consciousness. On the contrary, an awakened consciousness is not attached to what it projects outside itself, such as thoughts, feelings, relationships or material possessions. As the All-Knowing Mind, pure consciousness understands itself as the master of its creations, so it is not enslaved or attached to them.

Without attachment, there will be no fear. In the absence of fear, the true qualities of consciousness – compassion and joy – will flow through naturally in every human experience.

If we were to do less and focus on being that stillness to observe and cultivate mindfulness (perhaps starting with distinguishing repetitive and destructive thoughts from creative and life-giving ones), we will liberate our mind from past attachments and steer it towards fulfilling its real function of creating more experiences of joy and loving kindness. Hence, Green Tara’s wisdom of ‘less is more‘.

An Abundant Full Moon to All. Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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