When it comes to explaining spiritual concepts and offering techniques on applying them, I’ve found my guides’ ideas extremely innovative and creative. Here is a recent example revealed during a reading session.

With Earth and ourselves unfolding more of our 5th dimensional (5D) nature, many of us have noticed our thought manifestation quickened by a great deal. This effect is brought about by the collapsing of time and space in the human experiences as the vibratory speed of our energy body is stepped up more and more.

Speedier materialisation of thoughts does not naturally translate to a more desirable life though. If our thoughts are only rampant ones, so will our ‘synchronistic’ experiences; that is, we have less control over what we deliberately want or do not want to manifest.

In spiritual terms, goodwill means positive and powerful potentialty embedded in divine will. If we can train our mind to consciously hold more intentions of goodwill, undoubtedly our manifestation (which is simply the out-picturing of thoughts) will steer towards and eventually be rooted in divine-like experiences.

Towards this end, the guides suggest we construct an imaginary 5D Goodwill Account in our mind, very much like a bank account except that the currency deployed here is Intentions and Thoughts. In our daily meditations, we can practise depositing positive intentions into our 5D Goodwill Account, such as peace prayers for the world, transmitting healing energy to a community, sending love to planet Earth etc. Important tip : By definition, 5D energy frequency implies Oneness or collective consciousness, so the beneficiaries of our goodwill intentions should ideally be groups and communities. Furthermore, the more we think collective, the faster we reap and realise its synergy, individually and collectively. “What goes around, comes around in multiple folds.” 

As we engage ourselves in the mundane world, often it is inevitable for low-vibrational thoughts to surface or even overwhelm our mind, especially if we are in energetically toxic environments. These 3D thoughts of fear and lack naturally run down our 5D Goodwill Account, very much like our routine expenses depleting our bank account savings.

Nevertheless, as we continue to deposit positive intentions mindfully, we will gradually accumulate a healthy balance of goodwill with sufficient potentiality not only for neutralizing fear-based thoughts which may continue to emerge (“pay our regular expenses as a feature of our 3D material existence)” but also to enhance our ability to create only realities reflecting the 5D qualities of peace, joy and harmony (“build surpluses steadily to enjoy the fine qualities of 5D living”).

What a creative way of understanding and utilizing goodwill for empowering the human experience! My deepest gratitude to our guides for lovingly sharing their wisdom, once again.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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