The most effortless approach to attract a purposeful soul mate relationship is to honour and appreciate ourselves as a perfect being – that was the consensus advice from the Goddesses at last month’s Be Love, Be Loved workshop.

They quoted two universal principles as the basis:

(a) Law of resonance – focusing on our positive attributes draws to us soul mate(s) with similar energy frequencies

(b) Holographic nature of all creations – the individual ‘self’ has been created in the perfect image of God; accordingly, placing attention on self engages the manifestation potential endowed by the Creator

Wisdom is knowledge learned through practice.  To help us appreciate their advice at an experiential level and support us towards re-uniting with our soul mate and soul family on Earth, Moon Goddess Isis gifted the following full moon ritual to the group.


  1. Practice timing : on full moon or + / – two nights from actual full moon
  2. Preferably outdoor, connecting with the moon
  3. Prepare a basin of water, three quarters full
  4. Invoke Goddess Isis for guidance and protection, use her Egyptian name “Auset”
  5. Channel moon energy into the water
  6. Using a crystal wand, stick or pen, write or draw words of appreciation for yourself in the water
  7. When the water returns to stillness, through your heart, dedicate these compliments to your soul mate
  8. Feel him / her joining you under the moonlight
  9. Bring the presence of your soul mate into yourself, feeling the two energies becoming as One
  10. Complete meditation by giving thanks for the visitation and let go of his / her consciousness to wherever it is dwelling in currently

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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