On this full moon, I am asked by the Ascended Masters Thoth and Lady Nada to share one of their earlier teachings and an energy gift : Accessing the memory of Atlantis Priesthood through the Temple of Poseidon.  This teaching was channeled during a Master Teaching Class held on the full moon of February 2013.

Sypnosis of Master Teaching Class: “As New Earth delves deeper her 5th dimensional consciousness, her rising frequency will catalyse the awakening of our collective memory of Golden Atlantis and motivate us to revive the Atlantean model of spiritualised living in the world of matter.

Accordingly, to help us remember and utilise our Atlantean healing gifts for treating diseases and illnesses relating to the 3rd dimensional plane, my guides Thoth and Lady Nada – both leaders of the Atlantis Priesthood – will host a crystal healing training on the full moon of February. Thoth, incarnated as Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites, was the King Priest of Atlantis while Ascended Master Lady Nada was the high priestess and patron of the Temple of Love of Atlantis.”

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Scroll to 11:02 min of the track if you’re keen only to listen to the energy activation.

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Event News

  • Curious to hear Archangel Michael’s messages on New Atlantis ? You’re welcome to join in our Solstice Meditation: THE DAWN on 20.12.2015, Singapore. Admission is Free. Details HERE. Register at anntay@acast.me.


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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