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I would sum up my experience at this afternoon’s Solstice Meditation: The Dawn as ‘being totally immersed in the lightness of Joy’.

Moving into the next evolutionary cycle of another 36 months is about “greeting our dawns with Joy; and through anchoring Joy on Earth, we begin our new spiritual path of becoming a Love Avatar of the Aquarian Age.” This is the gist of Archangel Michael’s teachings at the Solstice communion.

The event closed with a series of energy activations gifted by the Angels. To reciprocate the love and wisdom bestowed upon the group, we joined our hearts with Mother Gaia to offer healing to the world.

Energy Gifts from Archangel Michael, Metatron and the Cosmic Angels:

  • Awaken Christ Consciousness of Love in cellular memory
  • Align and activate the nervous system to the higher programming of Joy
  • Revive memory of Atlantis crystal technology in Akashic records
  • Special energy gift for our youngsters – the leaders of of New Atlantis
  • Planetary healing by group 

Listen to live recording of guided meditation and accompanying energy activations : Solstice Gifts (14 min)

If the sound track does not appear on your screen, go to ACAST website -

Credit: Background music in guided meditation – “Sanctus by Libera’ and “Zarabanda by Adiemus Singers”.


May this Solstice be the Dawn of Joy for you and your loved ones. 

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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