At the recent Solstice Meditation held in Singapore, one of the teachings much emphasized by Archangel Michael was “a future experience in a 3rd dimensional reality is shaped by two elements, namely, your current mental focus (intention) and past vibrational patterns hardwired in your memory”.

On this New Year’s Eve, recognizing many people may be formulating their New Year’s resolutions or drawing up future plans, I thought it will be most apt to request Archangel Michael to expand on his Solstice message .

“As one undergoes progressive vibrational shifts from the world of matter to the realm of purposeful thoughts,  the need to experience linear time as part of the Creation process will cease completely. The windows to time, known to you as Past, Present and Future, collapse and converge to become moments of experienced intentions independent of memories. By definition, the concept, existence and relevance of “memories” pertain only to the third dimensional reality constructed through linear time and space. In the higher dimensional worlds, Creation is controlled only by intentions (Amara Tia’s interpretation : desires, fantasies or mental focus) calibrated with potent force. For a human, the potency of his intentions is in turn determined by the emotions generated to create those intentions. Excitement, positive expectancy, awe, admiration and gratitude are some examples of highly potent emotions”

– Channeled 31.12.2015


Words of Gratitude 


One the note of gratitude as a potent creative force, Andy and I are deeply grateful for the amazing support rendered by our friends, clients and hundreds of fellow Lightworkers with whom we connect through our blog.  It is your participation and endorsement of our work that provided the impetus and motivation for us to shine our light and share our gifts.  Thank you for being a member of the ACAST family (Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation).  May our collective radiance shine far and wide to reach every corner of the Earth !


2016 Ushers in New Atlantis !

  • Event News : To kick off the new year and a new 36-month evolutionary cycle for Earth and ourselves,  new workshop The Song of New Atlantis has been been commissioned by Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron for launch at the coming Equinox. They describe this original and unpredented work as “a revolutionary program upgrade for all Star Seeds and Earthangels”. I’m honored to be co-presenting the workshop with a few of my dearest colleagues who are especially talented in vibrational sound work. Program details available HERE
  • Inaugural session in Auckland over the Equinox weekend, 19 & 20 March. Also available in Hong Kong 23 & 24 April and Singapore 21 & 22 May, Vesak Full Moon.
  • Logistics and registration details for all three workshops will be released through an event mailer in mid-January. Join ACAST mailing list to receive an email copy OR check out our blog by then to access these information. 
  • To indicate your interest in attending or receiving more details about the workshop, please email with subject title “The Song of New Atlantis” and indicate your name and preferred venue : Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong or others.


May you create a future strung up by countless NOW moments of Love, Peace and Joy. A glorious 2016 to All!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann


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