The Elohim, also known as the Creator-God, appeared in my dream last night with the following message:

Adonai. Many of you desire to constantly create moments of love and joy yet only few are able to sustain the manifestations of such experiences in your waking hours. Three key elements need to be in place for the human brain to convert visual and electrical impulses containing the desire of love and joy into actual experiences stimulating the production of such senses in the nervous system. These factors as (a) the awakened God consciousness; (b) one’s own definition of loving and joyous experiences; and (c) aligning one’s Will to receive love with God’s Will to gift love. 

Think of Will here as an unwavering faith or absolute knowing that to Be and have love is your birthright, simply because you are a creat-ion of love itself. Restoring your personal Will has the effect of re-aligning your intention to receive love with God’s intention to bestow love, so you may replicate the flow of giving-receiving love in your Earthly creations. As your Spiritual mentors, we very much wish to assist you to create, attract and experience moments of love and joy…consistently and continuously”.

To listen to healing sounds (“light scripts”) gifted by the Elohim for Aligning Personal Will with Divine Will of Love : click Elohim Light Scripts (2 min).

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Announcement: The Elohim, as the architect of the Atlantis program, will overshadow the Archangels at new workshop The Song of New Atlantis. Launching in Auckland over the Equinox weekend, this workshop presents a meting pot of vibrations – old and new, past and future, myths and science – from which you shall redefine and re-calibrate yourself to become the New Atlantean.  For workshop and registration details, go to PROGRAM.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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