On every new moon, we have the opportunity to ‘reset’ our nervous system to assist the mind to see new possibilities, choices and options and bring them into our physical realities as the lunar month unfolds.

Metaphysically, the moon being invisible on new moon nights represents images of our future realities not imprinted on the mental screen yet. This presents a very potent time for the mind to create new dreams and desires through imageries. However, if the energy flow along the nervous system (especially brain and spinal column) is blocked either due to physical illnesses or the mind being pre-occupied with memories and repetitive mundane thoughts, it will become challenging for the mind to ‘see’ the inspirations and new ideas transmitted by our souls and Spirit guides.

Very much like refreshing a webpage to access the latest realtime data uploaded by say a financial information provider, it’s imperative that we de-clutter and reset our mind, especially on new moons, so it can remain aligned with our soul’s higher intentions and be able to tap into the universal consciousness of unlimited potential and possibilities.

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  • This healing track can be used on every new moon or whenever you notice lethargy and inertia creeping back into your life


Enjoy the new moon energy booster from Lady Master Isis and may you create a phenomenal February for yourself!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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