The March new moon will coincide with a total solar eclipse, with the latter at its maximum at 1:58 UT on 9th March. Beginning at 23:19 UT on 8th March, the eclipse in its ‘darkest’ will be visible from Indonesia and parts of Southeast Asia and will last for 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

An ordinary new moon provides the opportunity to re-chart our course through re-examining and re-setting our mental focus. Combined with a solar eclipse, more so a total eclipse, you can imagine the renewal potential of the new moon being greatly magnified and amplified.

Riding on this incoming wave of mega expansionary energies, the Galactic Council transmitted the ‘Think Galactic, Feel Oneness’ codes of new programming which I received, most interestingly, through the dolphins.

I am told the dolphins (and to a less extent, the whales) are the only physical creatures of pure 6th dimensional frequency inhabiting the Earth. Most of them originate from Sirius, the portal to the galactic core. Being in the presence of the dolphins naturally stimulates the production of the feel-good hormone Endorphin in the human body. Such is the distinguished quality of the 6D vibrational frequency – inner joy in divine knowing.

The ‘Think Galactic, Feel Oneness’ sound and light codes are intended to expand, connect and align the lower mental body to the higher plane of divine light to bring about a mental shift including a broadened vision of one’s soul purpose, positivity thinking, unconventional (6D) approach to problem solving and of course, inner peace and deep joy.

The transmission came through in a middle of a torrential rain in Singapore this afternoon (rain = water = ocean = dolphins !). Sounds of the heavy rain drops splashing on my windows blended in perfectly. To my surprise, instead of the usual light language sounds, today’s galactic transmission, delivered by the dolphins, was received as a song!

‘Think Galactic, Feel Oneness’ Meditation Technique

  1. Ideally, practise this meditation at a time as near to the exact new moon and total solar eclipse (time given in first paragraph of this article) as possible. Alternatively, select a time between 8th March UT 1800 and 9th March UT 0600.
  2. Visualise and feel yourself in the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Refer to pictures below – Queens Chamber aligned with Sirius.
  3. Sound the “OM” mantra to clear your aura and to begin connecting with the universal life force within you
  4. Place both hands on your heart chakra and bring up the feeling of inner joy in divine knowing
  5. Listen to energy transmission : Dolphin Song of Galactic Oneness (2 min)
  6. Give thanks to the spiritual hosts of the Great Pyramid for granting you the access to the energy portal
  7. After integrating the galactic transmission, ground your body as necessary




Event News: The Song of New Atlantis’s inauguration on 19-20 March rides the coat tails of March’s incredible energies…two eclipses, the Equinox and the first Supermoon of 2016. There are no coincidences, only divine timing. Read more about workshop HERE.


Wishing All a phenomenal new moon solar eclipse experience! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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