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Auspicious Timing. The Song of New Atlantis workshop debut in Auckland last weekend. It was no doubt a most auspicious timing selected by the Spiritual Hierarchy to transmit the New Atlantis programs during the recent Equinox. We were told on that day a Universal energy portal was activated, propelling the spiritual advancement of all members of the Hierarchy. It was gratifying to know the group has facilitated in grounding a new sine wave of cosmic growth via the stargate alignment in the heavens.

In A Nutshell. I would sum up my workshop experience as immensely expansive. Besides providing clear information on the Atlantis experiment of the past (the who, what, why and where) and what’s to emerge as New Atlantis, Thoth and the hosting Archangels skillfully activated the new creation codes programmed in our subtle bodies. Yes, Atlantis is rising!

As we evolve to become more refined as an energy being (as the New Atlanteans), the more natural and automatic our intuitive connection with the Galactic family will be. The key lies in being mindful we are our God consciousness and to habitually purify and engage the High Heart or Universal Heart chaka. For a list of topics presented, go to New Atlantis.

One of the highlights: my telepathic chat with a star baby-to-be.  Archangel Micheal revealed a new generation of star babies will incarnate on Earth for the first time (karmic-free) to support the externalisation of New Atlantis. I had the privilege of interacting with one of these potential New Atlanteans who ‘dropped by’ our workshop. It was such a humbling and fun experience learning from these star children-to-be.

Listen to recording of my chat with this Sirian being (5 minutes) :

or click Chat with Star Baby

Sharing from the heart. Participant Diane Lowe from Canterbury expressed her thoughts “…How I loved being at Song of Atlantis with everyone, all such beautiful people, for such an auspicious moment in time of gifting us with the New Atlantis programmes. My life has so much more meaning and I feel at peace with myself knowing I am one with everyone bringing in Light and Joy to all people and all life upon this Earth…this weekend is the best course I’ve ever been to..”. Read full testimonial HERE

Gratitude for Auckland group’s co-creation. The sound contributions by Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard were beautiful and perfectly augmented the teachings and anchored the energy activations gifted by the Archangels. Thank you, lovely Earth Angels.

Special thanks to Gail Taylor for channeling the fire letters to support the energy work; to Jason Freidlander for his wonderful crystal bowl and didgeridoo performance and to all our participants who co-created and now share a new sacred journey with Andy and I as the pioneers of New Atlantis.

Don’t miss the repeat workshops in Singapore and Hong Kong.  The Song of New Atlantis will be repeated in Singapore on Vesak Full Moon 20-21 May and in Hong Kong, pre-Solstice 18-19 June. Program and registration details at Singapore and HK.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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