3D Odelin

I’ve been Amara Tia Ann’s partner, working together on ACAST, for a while now; I still have one foot in the corporate world though, as a Leadership facilitator. I’ve been aspiring to marry the two realms, and I believe simple stories may be the stuff of the first date.

Stories are great, they are entertaining, and they don’t impose. Instead, they tickle your consciousness, then let you scratch the itch just as much as you want. ODELIN is designed to be a quick read in terms of length, but it is hoped that the reverberation will continue to work on the breadth and depth. Some of the characters and concepts will find their way into some other piece I’m working on, but that, as they say, is another story!

ODELIN – Of Dual Existence, Light and INtent – is a young woman who sniggers at her ordinary, purposeless life; she is presented with an opportunity to see a bigger picture, a much bigger picture, that shows her not knowing her purpose is not the same as not having one.

When she wakes from the ordeal that landed her this opportunity, is she going to embrace her gift of insights? How is she going to believe in it, if part of the grand design is that she does not remember her guided tour to the other side of the veil?

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