Thoth’s transmissions at the recent The Human Story workshop in China were inspirational and groundbreaking as usual. A number of participants reported feeling Thoth’s strong and mighty presence hours after the workshop. “My legs were shaking and vibrating with strong sensations as I lay on my bed practising the connect-with-Thoth meditation,” one of them had shared excitedly.

This morning I requested Thoth for a New Moon teaching so more of us could benefit from his radiance and wisdom. Here’s a synopsis of what he transmitted.

“As humans become entrained with the galactic ascension energies now available on Earth, the higher faculties of our mind are beginning to activate catalyzing a paradigm shift in our thinking and perception. We will experience more and more the quantum nature of ourselves which is pure potentiality influenced neither by past patterns nor a preset destiny. Besides maintaining a pristine aura, the other key in achieving this quantum leap in consciousness lies in cultivating a clear sensible mind. Of course, both conditions are inter-connected.

As our mind is the executive agent of our quantum ability, we’ll need to re-train it to believe in our unlimited potential and not let it continue to indulge in fear-based memories and inertia. Whatever the mind can perceive (picture), especially with the help of its higher senses such as intuitive feel and transcendental knowing, there is absolutely no reason why the same inner perception cannot be externalised as an actual physical experience. The trick lies in constantly reminding the mind to believe, see and feel the divine power we possess, for we are simply quantum energy fully capable of defying predictability and fixed patterning”.


Celebrate Vesak Full Moon at The Song of New Atlantis, Singapore 21 & 22 May 2016!

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Join us at Singapore workshop ‘The Song of New Atlantis for an extraordinary celebration of the Vesak full moon under the auspices of Archangel Michael and Metatron with special ‘guest appearance’ by the World Teacher Lord Buddha. Program HERE; Logistics details HERE. Register with Amara Tia Ann at

This workshop is also available in Hong Kong (with live Cantonese interpretation) on 18 & 19 June 2016. Details HERE.


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May new beliefs of awe and wonder fill your night sky on this New Moon in Taurus. Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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