If you are unable to join us physically for The Song of New Atlantis Singapore Workshop happening on Vesak Full Moon, we invite you to connect with the group on 21st May through the following meditation, “Flight to Atlantis”. This was the opening meditation led by Thoth during the Auckland workshop in March (Equinox). In one of his three earth incarnations, Thoth was the Atlantean King Priest, Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites. 

Suggestion: connect your beingness with the Bermuda Triangle of North Atlantic Ocean (where the Atlantis islands had existed) during the meditation.

Listen to meditation (9 min), click Flight to Atlantis or 

  • Credit – our deepest appreciation for the amazing sound work and cello performance by our dear friends and co-presenters of the Auckland workshop, Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard (https://goldenagementor.co.nz)
  • NZ Retreat – Annwyn and Raeul are guided to put together a retreat at the sacred mountain Aoraki (Mount Cook) during the Winter Solstice of June 19th – 21st. “Resurrecting The Golden Light of Christ” will be over-lighted by Lord Sananda (Master Jesus) and Lady Nada (the higher self of Mary Magdalene and High Priestess and patroness of Temple of Love of Golden Atlantis). Read more about the event at https://goldenagementor.co.nz/resurrecting-the-golden-light-of-christ


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The final session of The Song of New Atlantis will be offered in Hong Kong on 18 & 19 June 2016, a Solstice celebration and sacred communion with the Archangels. Details available HERE. 


Angels’ Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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