3D Odelin

It’s Summer Solstice in Singapore, but I am not expecting any perceptible differences at this unswervingly tropical locale!

Looking more inwardly, however, this biannual event, together with its sister phenomenon – the Equinoxes – often feels like the Universe’s way to remind us of the grander philosophy of Duality.

Furthermore, solstices also connote harvest, as well as starting anew.

With this in mind, it is in equal parts anticipation and apprehension that I introduce you to a little book I recently launched: ODELINOf Dual Existence, Light and INtent.

Presented in 9 short chapters, the tale revolves around how a young woman is awakened to her true calling while lying in a coma, following an accident on a supposedly ordinary day in her allegedly purposeless life.

Leveraging on the power of stories, it could be chicken soup for the troubled souls, an affirming tonic for the more seasoned, and a font of possibilities for those in between!

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