Have you tried performing visualisations in black & white, rather than with colours which I would think it’s what we normally do? Notice the difference in your bodily sensations and overall experience.

Another simple experiment will be look at a B/W photograph and then a coloured one. Which one makes pulls you deeper into the scene (story)?

These are a couple of exercises Thoth has recently shared with me to demonstrate the effects of Light on the human mind in out-picturing the realities we desire. Light is most commonly interpreted and experienced as colours in the human world (though its nature is beyond imaginable colours).

We become what we think. In the world of energy, this can be interpreted as ‘as energy beings, we are capable of transforming potentiality into experiences brought about by the frequencies with which the Mind engages itself’.

The inter-connection between Light and Mind and thus, manifestation is one of the areas the group will explore deeply with Thoth at the forthcoming workshop LIGHT SYNTHESIS – The Art of Being and Becoming. As he put it, “The intended outcome of the workshop is to unleash the masterful and joyous Creator in you”.

Details of the workshop and registration information available HERE.

Keen to organise this workshop for your community? At the moment, LIGHT SYNTHESIS is available only in Singapore. If you feel this may be a valuable learning experience for your community, you’re welcome to write to info@acast.me to discuss feasibility of presenting it in your city (either the original program or with modifications as necessary).   

Many blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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