Energetically speaking, the Sun affects our mental structure whereas the Moon has deep effects on our emotions. A Solar Eclipse – during which the Sun is perceived by us as being blocked by the Moon – is a great opportunity for transcending and releasing limiting beliefs, values and other mental patterns embedded in our psyche. Metaphysically, ‘the Sun being hidden or darkened’ represents the mental body being ready for re-patterning and re-programming.

A New Moon presents us with a hidden moon. Again, symbolizing a time to sow seeds of new ideas, hopes and wishes.

During my evening walk yesterday, Spirit came through with a meditation practice especially for tomorrow’s New Moon Solar Eclipse which will greatly support us in weeding out outdated and misqualified mental programming, so as to create space for our higher intentions to set in.

The “I AM Light” Meditation for New Moon Solar Eclipse 1 September 2016

  1. This meditation is best done in a standing position
  2. In a meditative state, ask to be connected with your true Higher Self and with Spirit
  3. Be aware of the four lower bodies representing and supporting your physical presence on Earth (refer to diagram below)

The Bodies

4. Recite the mantra I AM Light for a total of 4 times. With each recitation, visualise or feel your physical, etheric, emotional and lower mental body beginning to vanish layer by layer

5.  Have a sense of your entire self becoming totally formless, restored to pure white Light, fully connected and aligned with your Higher Self or God Consciousness

6. Ask for your Higher Self to reveal the intentions that are to be manifested through you as a vessel serving the highest good for your soul family and monad. Allow the vibrations of your soul’s blueprint to flow through you as you continue to hold the awareness of yourself as radiant Light (it does not matter if you cannot comprehend or interpret the vibrational messages from your Higher Self at this stage).

7. Once you feel the “download” is complete, say the mantra “Light I AM” for 4 times. This time, visualise or feel your lower mental, emotional, etheric and physical body re-appearing in this order with each recitation.

8. Inhale and exhale deeply several times until these 4 energy bodies are vibrating rhythmically and harmoniously as one singular unit

9. If you feel light-headed, ground yourself further by visualising a silvery cord connecting your Solar Plexus to the core of Earth

10. Give thanks to Spirit and your Higher Self for this gift of Love.


Connect with LIGHT SYNTHESIS workshop on 3 September

Light Synthesis is a new workshop led by Thoth. Its inaugural session will be held in Singapore on this Saturday. Program available HERE. Register with Amara Tia Ann at anntay@acast.me.

The same event (Part 1) will be available in Manila on 5 November 2016. Email anntay@acast.me to enquire or register.

If you are unable to attend either event in person, you’re most welcome to connect with the spiritual energies that I’ll be channeling. Simply ask to align your light bodies with the workshop Merkbah by saying the access code 00973500_923.  It seems the spiritual world is getting just as digitized ! As Below, So Above ?  🙂

This “PIN” was provided by Thoth. I am not aware of its full meaning except that numerologically, this series of numbers adds up to a “11” meaning a light bringer, spiritual messenger.


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On this New Moon Solar Eclipse, may your Mind be imprinted and re-patterned with the Abundance endowed by Spirit. Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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