Lady Nada, patroness of the Atlantean Temple of Love, has been one of my closest guides and personal mentors for years. I know her as the higher self of Lady Master Mary Magdalene. Though I don’t often channel her at group meditations and workshops, Lady Nada tends to ‘reappear’ during critical transitory times.

Some of us may have experienced this year’s planetary vibration as unusually volatile and harsh, evidenced by the many chaotic and hostile world events occurring. Lady Nada attributed the wide spread turbulence to the resistance to evolutionary change. She explained the year 2016, being a numerological 9th year for the planet, is about completely letting go of our fear-based ego and surrendering to the incoming 5th dimensional vibrational frequency of Love and Unity. Resistance of the human ego to this vibrational shift has inevitably brought about much global instability, chaos and violence.

Like an air borne virus, the prevailing negativity is contagious. If you have been finding it increasingly challenging to maintain your mental and emotional balance in the midst of these external energetic influences, Lady Nada advised on the following priorities:

  • Connect with your inner space to contemplate, reflect and express appreciation of yourself as a perfect divine being (rationale: the human emotion of gratitude, in itself, is extremely healing);
  • Journey within to seek solace from your silent partner – the higher self
  • Pay attention to experiences stirring up non-loving emotions and negative judgement about yourself; acknowledge these feelings and thoughts as memory imprints of the past; embrace them with loving kindness and gently, surrender them to your higher self
  • Practise mindfulness; be in the present moment

She reiterated, “World harmony can only be externalised  through inner peace, lived by the individuals moment by moment”.

Our deepest gratitude to Lady Nada for her timely and loving advice.


Event News – Solstice Meditation. 21.12.2016. Singapore

In honouring the completion of a 9-year planetary cycle ending 31.12.2016, Lady Nada has requested that I facilitate a special Solstice Meditation in Singapore. ‘Song of the Earth‘ will be hosted by Lady Nada and other members of the Great White Brotherhood. Stay tuned for event details. 

Be At Peace, Be At Peace, Be At Peace. Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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