This message was received from Lyra, the star constellation which has its divine presence dwelling in the 11th and 12th dimension of the Milky Way Galaxy.

New ascension codes from Lyra transmitted on 22/11/2016 

In the world of energy and vibrations, numbers speak volumes in whatever context they appear in.

Using numerology principles as a decoding tool in addition to the confirmation from Lyra, today (22.11.2016 on the Gregorian calendar) is an ideal time for receiving and grounding the ascension codes gifted by Lyra  :

  • 2016 = “9” = activates our higher qualities of universal love, compassion and enlightenment for souls resonating with the higher octave of 9
  • 11 = generally, interpreted as the master number patterning us as the illuminator, spiritual teacher or messenger, light beacon. In the context of this message, referring to 11th dimensional plane where Lyra exists.
  • 22 = general interpretation as a Master Builder, also possessing the energetic properties of 11 (since 22 = 2 x 11). For the purpose of this message, decoded as ‘4’ (= 2+2) or physicality, anchor or ‘earth’ into the human vessel

Connect with Galactic Core through Giza Pyramid portal 

The geometric codes of supreme light and sound vibrations are being transmitted from the heart of Lyra and routed through the galactic core ‘located’ in Sirius before entering the Earth’s electromagnetic field. I am told these ascension codes serve to perform two important functions for us, the human conduits : (1) extend, expand and upgrade our axiatonal lines to deepen our telepathic connection with the galactic core for more efficient retrieval of messages and exchange of intelligence; (2) accelerate physiological changes in the human body, especially the nervous system, to enable meaningful interpretation of galactic messages and for firing-up our star genetic codes.

Meditation to Access Lyra Transmission  – With calmness and peace, connect with the Queens Chamber of the Giza Pyramid with the clear intention of receiving the Lyra ascension codes through your crown chakra and have them fully grounded or locked into your root chakra. Remain in stillness until you have a sense of the vibrational shifts in your body stabilising and are completely harmonised with your breaths.

The Queens Chamber in the Giza Pyramid is energetically aligned to Sirius, our galactic center. See diagram below.

You may perform this meditation any time before the midnight of 22/11/2016, your local timezone.



Accessing ‘Regenesis’ Energy Transmissions shared by Judy Satori

I highly recommend you access the recording of the energy transmissions brought through by Judy Satori this morning (11:11 am Auckland time) if you have missed the live session. I understand these energy codes for new creation are meant to prepare the human body to assimilate and ‘materialise’ the vibrational changes occuring within our body resulting from the rapid awakening of our higher DNA potential. Go to Judy’s website for more explanations of the Regenesis transmission :


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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