“Consciousness that has not been awakened, explored and expressed as a personal experience is your soul’s knowledge coded in symbols. Numbers is one form of such encodements.

From our vantage point, humanity is one collective soul with a shared destiny. Though living seemingly separate lives, the intentions and thoughts of every human contribute towards the mental programming of the collective. Likewise, energy shifts on a planetary level inevitably affect the individuals, though to varying extents.

This transmission is about decoding the potentiality of the symbol ‘2017’, revealing its energetic impact on the human collective. 

In its essence as a demarcation of Earth time, 2017 contains the energetic impetus for a rebirth, regeneration and renewal to occur on a whole new level of conscious awareness and choice, spearheaded by a programmed perfect alignment between Earth and the heart of a multiple-galaxy system. Further, the symbol ‘17’ is embedded with humanity’s collective intention of becoming One (1) with Spirit (7).

It will be our utmost pleasure to support humanity through this significant and expansionary transition which will begin in 2017. FLOURISH is commissioned as the platform for bringing through and anchoring a series of inter-galactic transmissions on Earth for the materialisation of your shared destiny of living as One with the Spirit that you are.

I am Metatron.” 

Message received 7 Dec 2016




  • Go to FLOURISH – Dawn of the 13th Ray for elaboration on spiritual significance of 2017 and details of workshop program.This workshop series will be held in a few countries starting from March Equinox (inaugural session in Singapore) to the June Solstice.  Workshop schedules are also available on the same web page.

Email info@acast.me if you’re keen to organize this workshop for your community.

This 10-day tour will be led by Pleiades and the star councils presiding the Milky Way Galaxy. It offers a valuable opportunity to experience and ground the galactic ascension waves coming through strongly from 2017 through (a) reconnection with the ancient sites and traditions of UK/Scotland; and (b) exploration of future possibilities coded in the ley lines of Earth, so we may discover our own truths for the present. All tour information available at SCOTLAND TOUR. Email Andy at andy@acast.me for enquiries and registration.

Also read new blog On A Lighter Note for messages from the Pleiades and other star guides regarding the sacred tour.

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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